Looking for original artwork? Discover new artists and one-of-a-kind artwork in our online gallery. You can always connect with a personal art advisor, free of charge, who will help you find the perfect artwork.

Artwork arrives framed and ready-to-hang, and Uprise collectors can purchase art outright, or through simple , interest-free. See our collectors At Home in the Uprise Art Journal.

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“So much of art collecting is putting forth your own style, but the high stakes of typical galleries makes exploration impossible. Uprise Art provides an accessible means of engaging with art. With Uprise, you can build a collection of art you love, on terms that work for you.”


Improve your client experience and company culture with artwork that inspires.

Uprise Art carefully curates artwork for your office with your brand and budget in mind. From framed pieces to custom murals, your art choices make an impact and we’re here to help. Our flexible leasing and exhibition options cater to companies of all sizes and stages of growth.

View recent projects in the Uprise Art Journal. Connect with our art advisors below to build your art collection with Uprise Art.

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“We wanted to express our mission in a creative way that would inspire the employees at our new NYC headquarters. Uprise Art's custom installation exceeded each and every one of our expectations. They took the time to understand our company and it came shining through in the finished product. Our space would not feel complete without their artwork.”

—Becky DeCicco, Project Manager at One Medical Group

We are the go-to art source for many trade professionals. We’ll help you find artwork to complement your vision and fit your client’s budget. Whatever your timeline, we’re here to help you with all the logistics, from large-scale projects to last-minute framing, and also offer special trade-only discounts.

Connect with our art advisors below to build your art collection with Uprise Art.

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“Art is central to interior design and Uprise helps projects look their best. Their team understands how designers think and work and they’re experts in finding the perfect artwork for any space.”


Make it Yours

Interested in a work of art? Enter your info on an individual artwork page and we’ll be in touch shortly. Most works have a “Buy Now” option and can be purchased in one-click.

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You can always connect with a personal Uprise Art Advisor, who will help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style, and budget. Free of charge.