With the first work I created, I was trying to interrupt the continuous flow of color, and I found I was able to accomplish this with the use of negative space. The delineation in color allows a gap to exist, which brings with it a breath and a transition of thought.

Luckey Remington

About the Artist


Luckey Remington (b. 1978) is a Los Angeles, California-based multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring themes of transience, repetition, clarity, and order. He creates minimal works on paper, hand-dyed canvas, and free-standing public sculptures through a process-driven practice where he seeks to reduce compositions to their most minimal form. The compositions fluctuate between organic rounded shapes and straight-edged angles. The negative space surrounding the form is of equal, if not more, importance than the form itself. Luckey is heavily drawn to the allure of color and the diverse chromatic harmonies that are created when assembling these compositions.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition, Ladders, Wittmore, Los Angeles, CA, 2016

  • Installation of Ladders at Joshua Tree, CA, 2015

  • Solo exhibition, Cause of Itself, Dilettante Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2015