My paintings represent visual diary entries, capturing memories, emotions, and observations as they unfold. Using vivid colors, I emphasize these instances, celebrating the idea that life seemingly small moments are, in fact, the most important.

Frederique Matti

About the Artist

Portrait of artist Frederique Matti.

Frederique Matti (b. 1991) is a painter based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her work operates like a visual diary, capturing the everyday observations of her surroundings through playful imagery that emphasizes color and simplified forms. Frederique studied design at Breda University and began her career as a digital illustrator; she has exhibited her paintings in both London and Glasgow.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at The Alchemy Experiment, 2023

  • Published in It'll Be Alright Anthology, 2023

  • Exhibited at Unit 1, curated by Delphian Gallery, 2021