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Every time I think I'm done, there is something else I discover to tell more dynamic stories through my painting. Communicating in this way is very exciting to me.

David Esquivel

About the Artist


David Esquivel (b. 1994) is an Aurora, Illinois-based based painter. David’s work traverses between the abstract and the recognizable with sloping mounds evoking mountains in a distant landscape or enigmatic glyphs. Contrasted against the neutral canvas, David’s distinctive forms float as if suspended in an alternate world. David’s paintings allow the viewer to meditate on the relationships between color and form while creating their own narratives and associations.

News and Notables
  • Published in New American Paintings, 2021

  • Exhibited at Cour Mably, 2021

  • Solo exhibition, A World Untouched, If These Walls Could Talk Gallery, 2017