• size 6" × 4" × 4"
  • medium Ceramic and gold luster
  • framed N/A
Wyatt little

About the Artist

Wyatt little

Wyatt Little (b. 1986) takes an unorthodox approach to designing new objects, starting with a unique circumstance and then translating it into a physical, relatable product.

Recent Group exhibitions include: Artifacts at El Rincon in Houston, TX (2015); Most Salone at the Museo Nazionale Della Scienza E Della Tecnologia in Milan, Italy (2013); Raw and Unfiltered with The American Design Club in New York, NY (2012); and The Big Show at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX. His work has been featured in digital publications such as Design Milk, The New York Times, Frontiers Media, and Inhabitat. Wyatt holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Houston Hines College of Architecture.

He currently lives and works in Houston, TX.

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