• size 20" × 16"
  • medium Acrylic, latex, and watercolor on canvas
  • framed N/A
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About the Artist

05519d59 cdf6 4cad 8e04 0cc743357f54

Laura Naples (b. 1979) and Kristen Giorgi (b. 1984) are the artists, designers, and sisters of NG Collective Studio, a dual-city project comprised of two unique perspectives and a shared aesthetic. The artists have developed a unified, abstract expressionist style, employing color, stroke, layering and a varied use of media. Each artist works in her own studio, sharing process imagery with the other via text message or Instagram. On special occasions when the two sisters can be in the same location, they paint together and make truly collaborative pieces. A creative conversation between friends, their inspiration reflects the observation of how the other is leaning, both in her thoughts and process, how their perspectives differ, and the moments when they coincide.

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