• size 24" × 24"
  • materials Acrylic on stretched paper over wooden frame
  • framed N/A
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About the Artist

Dc0768a7 9365 4c89 8a0b 2b9be756e048

Britt Bass Turner (b.1989) is an artist with a love for fun and color. Drawing upon her daily life and the various palettes, shapes and compositions that surround her, Turner uses process and intuition to create colorful, abstract works that explore the juxtaposition of medium, texture, color, and shape. By focusing on fine details and layering, she constructs subtleties and surprises which delight the eye, and her paintings take on their own playful life. Turner is based in Atlanta and graduated from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in 2011 with a degree in Art Education with an emphasis on Painting. She creates paintings and installations full time in her Roswell studio.

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