• Untitled (that same feeling already / you won’t believe this)
  • Alyson Provax
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  • size 11.25" × 10" × 1.25"
  • materials Letterpress on paper
  • framed In white
File 82741

About the Artist

File 82741

Taking a painterly and experimental approach to printmaking, Alyson Provax (b. 1984) is a Portland, OR based artist whose work explores subjectivity, loneliness, uncertainty, memory and record. Utilizing various processes such as monotype, silkscreen and collage, Alyson defies the standardized process of printmaking by manipulating every step of her process, from the way she applies her ink to the handling of her surface. Imbued with tactility and abstract narrative, Alyson’s work speaks to the contemporary complexities of modern life. 

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