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  • size 12.75" × 12.75" × 1.25"
  • materials Letterpress on stonehenge black
  • framed In white
File 82741

About the Artist

File 82741

Alyson Provax (b. 1984) is a Portland-based printmaker. Her text works explore personal feelings and individual experiences by subverting the language of science and records. These subjective records, cataloguing the spans of otherwise unproductive minutes and hours resonate as both humorous and universal. Her Diagrams work explores subtle shifts in objects over time using the aesthetics of the educational diagram and a combined process of silkscreen monotype and collage. These images make reference to mundane textural samples, microscopic organisms, and images of stars, planets, and moons. Provax has been featured on The Jealous Curator and Art Hound.

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